Toes in sand, pushing opposites. The grinding of metal links twisting around each other like genetic ladders. The warmth of the black, rubber cradle; the sides curling up and pinching legs into a lady-like pose. Taught pressure pulling against anticipation. And finally, we let go.

Spinning is fun as a kid. I remember racing to the swing set at the school playground to get my whirl on. Of course, there was also the classic technique of just stand-twirling until your butt hits the ground and you’re laughing while you wait for the world to right itself.

It’s not so much fun as an adult. Well, it’s not so much fun when it’s not a choice as an adult. I woke up two days ago to a reeling world that raised a blue mountain bruise on my thigh from the corner of the bed frame. After roaming the house palming walls and catching myself with counters, I went to the doctor.

Vertigo! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

On the list of health calamities, vertigo doesn’t rank very high. The weird thing is that it has actually made me focus and get this blog going. Seems strange to be able to concentrate on anything while your world suddenly and violently shifts at any wrong move of the head, but it happened. These last few days of loopiness have given me the direction that domestic enJenneering will take. I’m hoping to show my own spin on ideas ranging from recipes and gardening, to crafting, sewing, and even caring for/fostering dogs. Books and sleep will also make appearances as they are two of my absolute favorite things.

Need I say more? Let’s remember the fun of spinning and get our whirl on, y’all!


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