Cabbage Cabbage Cabbage

It’s National Cabbage Day and I’m celebrating!

I love cabbage. I love it in the garden, and I love it on my plate. If I could? I would marry cabbage. Yes, yes I would.

In my veggie garden it dutifully grows without any special attention. The large leaves fanning out from the center on the classic cabbage add textural interest to the garden and can be cut and enjoyed like other greens while waiting for the cabbage head to mature.

Classic cabbage
Classic cabbage
Tatsoi cabbage
Tatsoi cabbage

The dark green, spoon-shaped leaves of the Chinese cabbage, Tatsoi, are adorable clumps of yum. Their slightly spicy taste is delicious raw in salads or quick-cooked in a stir fry. I threw some leaves into my bean and potato soup at lunch and it was just the kick the soup needed.

For dinner I had cabbage two different ways…that’s how fond of it I am. First, I roasted some Brussel sprouts. Have I mentioned my passion for Brussels? These mini-cabbages are one of my favorite foods. They are so versatile in the kitchen and are an eye-catcher in the garden.

Brussel sprouts
Brussel sprouts

Before roasting, I cut them in half, tossed them in some olive oil and leftover bacon fat, and sprinkled them with cumin and garlic powder. Popped them in the oven at 350 for eight minutes, flipped ’em and put back in for eight more minutes. While that was going on, I made the bourbon smoked paprika aioli from this recipe. HOLY YUM.

Brussels with aioli
Brussels with aioli

Meanwhile, I reheated some baked chicken and topped it with another type of cabbage–SLAWSA! This cabbage-based relish is amazeballs. I sometimes just eat it straight from the jar, but I’ve also tried it on hot dogs, hamburgers, spicy sausages, and even fish. It’s truly a delectable condiment that can be used in many different ways and it was the perfect topping for my chicken tonight.

As you may have noticed, I celebrated the crap out of cabbage today. It deserves such celebration on a regular basis. Cabbage is one of those foods that is beneficial on so many levels. From its cancer fighting, immune building, anti-inflammatory properties to its ability to lower cholesterol and make your skin glow, cabbage is a superhero of the veggie world.




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