Spring’s Snowflake

Spring may be here by the calendar, but there’s one last Snowflake you’ve got to see.


I am fostering this precious little pup for Last Hope Rescue. Snowflake is my twelfth foster and she is bringing the cuteness like no other. Some of my fosters have been temporary–like Snowy who is only with me while her other foster mom is out of town–and some have beensnowy2 long term. They have ranged in size from an 85-pound American bulldog named Georgie who just wanted to give slobbery kisses and flop his big head on your lap for a nap, to this tiny princess that weighs in at 11 pounds. She’s so small, I can put her in a flower pot.

Snowy enjoys the sunshine and exploring the yard. She likes to see what her big foster sister is checking out and will follow her around to make sure she gets to smell the smells as well. She’s just as happy to be inside sleeping, pressed right up against her human. I swear sometimes that she presses herself so close that she is trying to become a part of my leg.

One of my favorite parts of fostering is watching the dogs become comfortable and how they change when they know they are safe and loved. Snowflake started out a little growly at my girl, Ruby Joon, but just last night started showing more acceptance, and today I saw her allow Ruby to give her a doggie kiss! I don’t blame Snowy for being a bit fearful at first since Ruby is much larger than she is, but it seems like Ruby’s insistence of friendship is working.

snow and rubyOne of the ways to introduce a foster into a home with a permanent pup is to take them on a walk together so they can meet and sniff before bringing them into the house. I find that this also helps them bond throughout their time together. I have been consistent about walking them daily around the neighborhood and I believe this is part of the reason Snowy is now accepting Ruby. They are best buds on walks. Sniffing out all the smells, stopping to pee on the same spot, barking at other dogs they have decided they don’t care for and quietly prancing by other dogs they seem to be showing off for. RJ, like a good big sister, will walk on the side closer to traffic and if Snow tries to get too far out into the street, RJ will herd her back toward the side of the road. They tend to remind me of Arnold and Danny in the movie Twins, however; I really like to belt out the song Ebony and Ivory at any given time, which I’m sure the neighbors find highly amusing.


At five years young, Snowflake is such a sweet girl that is already house and crate trained. I hope she finds her perfect forever family soon. If you are interested in this happy pup, please email Last Hope Rescue at lasthoperescuefl@gmail.com.

You can also find them by clicking on the links below:





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