To all the Mothers

               I’m not sure how much I truly appreciated my mom before last fall.

My mom went on the typical roller coaster ride with me starting as her sweet little girl, to teenage hormone hatefulness, to her girl going off to college and thinking she didn’t need a mom anymore, to slowly rebuilding a relationship by noticing our similarities, and finally putting on the brakes and becoming a grown-up version of her sweet girl.

In my mind, I had come to the end of the ride and fully appreciated my mom for everything that she is. Until last fall. In late August, I was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. It came out of nowhere and we will never know exactly what triggered it. Being a syndrome, it is basically a set of symptoms that occur together. It is not a disease that can be cured and so they use the term ‘remission’ when labs show a return to normalcy.

When I was given the diagnosis, I had a complete mental break. The treatment began immediately and I went from a woman that eschewed any sort of drug, from Advil to antibiotics, to having to take five different medications daily, including a high dose of steroids. I cried and cried on the phone with my parents. I was so scared. Even now, the memory of that fear still makes the salty tears fall from my eyes.

This is when my mom stepped in and stepped up, as moms do. She drove down to spend almost two weeks with me. During that time, I had to have a kidney biopsy and alter my diet completely. She was here fully and completely. She did it all–from making sure I was eating and taking my meds on time, taking my dog on walks, cleaning the house, talking 10351829_10152368033417310_1251240678724385657_nto me about anything while I sat there with a vacant mind, and most importantly, keeping a positive outlook and smiling. I love her smile.

I love my mom’s smile. I love my mom’s hands. I love that the scent of baby oil reminds me of her.

I love my mom’s red toenails.

I love her brain, her heart, and her endurance.

I have been in remission since October of 2013. My doctor said I went into remission early and responded well and quickly to the treatment. I can only say that this had to be because of the support of my mothers. Yes, I said mothers as in plural. Not only was my mom there for me, but other ‘mothers’ stepped in throughout that time. They would take turns going with me to doctor’s appointments and the lab every two weeks. They checked-in on me daily while I was home and kept my spirits up. All mothers themselves, I appreciated them being that for me, too.

So as I move forward in a life of remission and better health, I have a more complete appreciation for not only my mom, but mothers everywhere.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, to all the mothers.


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