I Felted a Turnip

A while back, I signed up for one of those subscription box things. I chose a crafting one called Whimseybox. Every month, they would send a box with everything you needed to craft some new project. And every month I would look at it and then push the box aside. Well, I’ve finally decided to try it out and share my less than stellar crafting skills. Prepare to be unimpressed.

The first box I pulled from the stack was one in which you learn how create a felt turnip. That’s right. Felt a turnip, people. Because who doesn’t love a littlellama felted turnip in their lives? So I opened the box and, to my instant delight, I saw a llama in heart-shaped sunglasses. I wondered what a llama had to do with felting a turnip, but soon found out…nothing. Nothing at all. The llama is just there to greet you with instructions on the proper way to felt the crap out of a turnip. I took a large gulp of wine and opened the prettily-wrapped box.


Inside, I found everything I needed from the sheets of felt, needles, a piece of foam to work the felt together on while trying to avoid drawing blood from your fingers, a bonus roll of wasabi tape in my favorite color, purple, and a pin for accomplishing my first craft. Not sure I earned that pin by the end of it, but I’m keeping it anyway. Once I saw the picture of what the final product was supposed to look like, I decided to name my craft Tom the Wine Turnip.

So I got to work rolling and tucking in the edges of the flat piece of white felt,10689624_10152832009522310_5907930556364314626_n 13997_10152832009367310_805330420170990726_npoking it with the gold needle all over along the way. The llama instructed me to do this until I had a tight, round ball shape and to save a small piece of the felt for later use. This all takes time. And patience. I drew blood pretty quickly. I drank more wine.

At this point, it was time to create the top hat and root for Ol’ Tom. I pulled a strip of the purplish felt loose and  secured it to the top of the turnip ball by lightly stabbing it with the silver needle. The silver needle was also implemented in attaching the root, which was that extra piece of white felt rolled into a rootish shape. Next came the turnip greens. This required forming the stems first, attaching, and then cutting to the preferred length.

Half a bottle in, two more blood draws from my fingertips, and who knows how much time had passed…

And then that damn, hipster-esque llama tells me I have to make the eyes and mouth from small chunks of the black felt and carefully attach them…with the needle. I guess that is the cool thing about felting–no gluing or sewing. The felt becomes Velcro-like by pricking it over and over with the needles. I did my best at needling a somewhat cute face onto Tom and maybe it was the wine-eyes, but I think he turned out pretty alright. What do you all think?


Overall, I enjoyed learning the craft of felting. I now see why those cute little felted animals cost so much. This takes a ton of time and patience and mine is still just half-assed. My greens could have been longer and the root a bit thinner, but I made it through without any serious injuries and I think I nailed an adorable smile. I know I have a few friends that would delight in the stabbing element of this craft…you know who you are.

There you have it. This has been the first installment of crafting with wine.

I mean, Jenn. Crafting with Jenn.




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