Cheapo Chandelier Peacockablues

Aaaaaaaaaaand, I’m back!

I could make a ton of excuses about why I haven’t written anything here in ages, but the fact is that without a deadline, I get lazy. The reality is that this blog is more for me than anything else. If you join along, I’m happy to have you, but this is a means to get me and keep me writing. So from now on, I’m going to put some deadlines on myself and see what happens.

This summer is both flying by and dragging its heels in the mud. We’ve had record high temps and a ton of rain, both of which put a hurting on my summer veggie garden. I was able to escape for a week up to the mountains of North Carolina to visit family. It was perfect there with 50s at night and high 70s during the day. We never even had to turn on the A/C!

One of my mom’s and my favorite things to do together is to hit all the thrift shops and antique stores while there. There are a ton of them and we can always find bargains. This trip I had a list of a few things I could actually use in my house so I could focus when shopping. I ended up getting two of the three things on the list, which were a chandelier for the kitchen and a spring form pan for deep dish pies. Came home with a rocking chair in need of repair as well, but more about that later.

I never liked the trackish lighting in my kitchen. It always felt a bit too masculine for me and I was ready to lady it up in there, so when I saw this beast for $12, I snatched it right up. We had seen quite a few by this time, but the most important aspect for me was that it would put off enough light. I cook a lot and often and need my work space well lit. I knew this one would do the trick and I was already imagining colors and bulb shapes in my mind before I got to the register. I think my mom was skeptical at first, but I had a vision.

Chandelier pre-paint…


After some back-and-forths with a designer friend, contemplating the current style of my house and the idea of a future palate I want to work within, the color waspaint chosen: a peacocky blue. Luckily, I found the perfect shade in a Rustoleum spray paint called Deep Turquoise. It was close enough and after about three light coats, the brassy-ass chandelier was transformed. Many more discussions were involved when picking the light bulbs. If you’re going to talk to a designer about light bulbs, be prepared for ALL the details. The thing is, you need them to make the best decision. I ended up, for price reasons, going with regular ol’ incandescent, frosted balls to finish off the more modern look I was trying for.

With new paint and bulbs, it was all coming together as I had imagined. Next up was to havechand2 it installed along with a dimmer switch. It was hung, bulbs were in, we flipped the switch and…NOTHING. Instantly freaking out that this thrift shop lied about it being in working condition, my dreams of finally having a chandelier were fading quickly. The electrician rechecked all the connections again and was stumped. It should have worked. And then he saw it. A little switch on the side of the light itself that controlled whether just the top bulbs would be on, just the bottom, or none at all. It was on the total off setting. WHEW.

Once the switch was kicked into the right setting, the vision was complete. The shape, color, bulbs, and the light were perfect for my space…


First summer project from thrift store funk to fancy is complete! I love the bright work light this chandelier provides and also the calming, dim, ambient light. This project cost just under $35 total and transformed my kitchen space.

Next project currently in progress is the rocking chair in disrepair. It will take more effort, but will be worth it. Stay tuned!


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