Cake Girl

Tuesday seemed like a good night to bake a cake.

Found this recipe for what was deemed a “simple summer cake” and thought, I got this. The last time I tried to make one was a lemon pound cake for PrEaster (a lunch tradition with friends the day before Easter). It tasted amazing, but looked like peeling skin on top because I didn’t grease up the bundt pan enough–typical non-instruction-follower mistake.


So you’d probably think that someone who decides to bake a cake would have a cake pan, right? You’d be wrong. We’re talking about me here, people. Let’s get serious. Of course I don’t have the everyday 9″ cake pan found in most American homes, even those of people who never bake.

I’ve got pie plates, muffin tins, tart pans, a deep dish spring form pan, and…a bundt.

Bundt pan it was! This time, I buttered the hell out of that pan and then floured it well. It was handed down to me when I expressed a new interest in baking from my good friend’s mom (who basically has adopted me into their big, Greek family) and it is well-used and full of the feels, so I was happy to use it again.


I got busy measuring and actually reading the directions fully through TWICE before starting any of the steps. There were a few suggestions for changes and I already decided one I would follow. I would use peaches instead of berries. Being in season and full of sweetness, I added just a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon to the slices and let them soak in those flavors while preparing the batter.

For the batter, I also switched up a few things. Instead of just vanilla extract, I did half of vanilla and half of almond extract. I don’t like an overpowering of either, so I thought a little of each might work. I hope it’s clear by now that the cook in me just can’t stick to recipes. It’s an uncontrollable urge to make them different somehow. To make them my own even if the trial turns out a disaster. So far, I’ve been lucky. The batter came together easily, poured that into the pan, topped with the peach slices and sprinkled brown sugar on top instead of more white, and popped that baby into the oven.


Twenty-eight minutes later, I pulled it and it looked pretty good. A little dark on the edges, but I did notice that I could SEE the edges. They weren’t stuck to the bundt! After letting it set in the pan for ten, I placed one of my new cooling racks (thank you, Angela!) over the top and got ready to flip it. This was a nervous moment. Could I handle another stuck cake? I was feeling fragile.

But then…wooooooot hoooooooooooooooooty hooooooooooot!


Came out pretty darn clean, if I do say so myself. Yes, a little browner than I’d like, but certainly not burned or inedible. Then the question arose, do I keep it displayed this way and make some sort of sugary glaze to drizzle on top? Or flip it to show the peach slices and leave it alone? I decided the top with the peaches was too pretty to cover up with me wanting to show off my success with a bundt pan and I would bring it to work peach-side up and share with everyone.

Peach cake and coffee sounds like a good way to stave off the mid-week slump.

Plus, it’s purty.

Simple Summer Peach Cake






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