Capers in Fostering: Remington!


Hi, everyone! This is Remington, my current foster dog. I volunteer with an awesome organization called Last Hope Rescue Florida and fostering is a huge part of how we are able to save dogs.

I got into fostering after my first dog love, Morgan, died and I missed having a dog in my life, but wasn’t ready to choose another perma-pet yet. Fostering was the perfect way to transition through the immense grief of Morgan’s death. When you meet a dog that has been rescued from a shelter or bad situation, you can feel and see their gratefulness. They are full of love and that is healing when you might be grieving yourself.

People often ask how I’m able to let them go after having them in my life and the answer is that you have to go into it knowing you are their middle ground. The bridge to their forever family. Of course, there are times when fosters fail and do fall in love and adopt the dogs themselves. I knew when I volunteered to foster Ruby Joon that I would fail, but that’s a story for another day.

11167798_10153278262982310_1596572156339721948_nBack to Remy! We think he looks like a Brittany Spaniel/Pointer mix. Whatever he is, it’s a package of cuteness. At about a year and a half old, he’s still full of energy, but also settles into nap times and relaxation easily. He has proven to be a great running partner, jogging along right by my side and not darting in front or behind me. Remy also likes to go on long, investigative walks on which he can smell out all the smells of the neighborhood.


He gets along great with my dog and also enjoys going to doggie daycare to play with all the different types of dogs there. Fetch and bones are a few of his favorite things and he likes a good back scratch. Remy knows basic commands and is a good listener. I think with his energy/agility and his need to please, he could be trained to do all sorts of tricks. He’s crate and house trained and has never chewed anything he wasn’t supposed to while with me.

Overall, he’s an awesome dog and I really am surprised he hasn’t found his forever family yet. They are out there and networking will find them. If interested, he is available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue. Check out their Facebook page here.

Remington is patiently waiting to bring all his happiness and love to one lucky family!



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