Meatless Monday: Black Beans, Quinoa, and…

One of my go-to, easy recipes for any night that I’m too tired to care is the simple dish of black beans and quinoa. I do sometimes make the traditional version with rice, but most of the time when I’m that tired, I’m looking for that extra protein punch from the quinoa. The leftover quinoa–because I way overdo it when making it, just like with pasta–is also good to have in the mornings with a couple of over easy eggs and avocado.

To start, I use the tri-colored quinoa mix for no particular reason other than I like the way it looks. I add coconut oil and spices like oregano and cumin to the water when cooking it to infuse some flavors. While that is doing its thing, I chop up white onion, fresh cloves of garlic, and red pepper and saute those in olive oil. Once the onions are starting to brown, I pour in the can of black beans with the liquid. Remember, these are the no-energy-to-care nights, so your preferred style of canned black beans are just fine.

After adding the beans, I toss in some oregano, cumin, smoked paprika, and salt & pepper (I like to add fresh garden basil when I have it in season near the end) and let all that simmer together while the quinoa finishes up. Sometimes I like to have a green veggie with my meal, as well. Depending on what is in season or what I have around it could be zucchini or broccoli or a small salad of spinach and arugula with a homemade shallot dressing.

But my secret, no-prepping or cooking needed veggie addition that I absolutely adore with my black beans, regardless of whether I’m having them with quinoa or rice, as tacos, or on a salad, is Slawsa. Slawsa is a really cool condiment that is a slaw/salsa mix. My favorites are the Low Sugar and Fire styles. It’s really good with a variety of foods, from topping hot dogs and burgers to spicing up deviled eggs, but there’s something about the Fire flavor in the same bite as the garlicky beans that I’m obsessed with.

wpid-img_20150914_185634.jpgPlus, it adds that purty color to my meal and we all know how important the look of the meal is to me for that all-encompassing enjoyment. That’s it. Easy peasy black bean dinner for Meatless Mondays or those nights when your garden of cares has clearly gone dormant.



One 15 ounce can of black beans

1 cup quinoa

1 tablespoon coconut oil for the quinoa

1 tablespoon olive oil for the saute

Cumin, oregano, smoked paprika, s&p (or any of your liking)

Garlic cloves

Green veggie of your preference




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