Spot of Gun Rack Tea?

Summer rolled in like curry through your colon. Still over a month away from the official calendar start, this past weekend was the first time I had to come in by 10 a.m. from the garden. There will be many, many, many more weekends like it ahead, but I wasn’t prepared for them to start seemingly so soon. Pretty sure I say this same thing every year though.

If given the choice, I prefer being outside. But I admit that every so often, I don’t hate days I’m forced inside. They become crafty project days and my pile of projects has been growing for a while now. The thrift and antique stores in North Carolina are impossible for my mom and me to avoid when I visit. Last time, I went up with the intention of finding a pie plate and came home with a rocking chair…that is still in the pile of projects undone.

However, the piece I decided to work on this weekend was a local find a few years back–20160515_205509.jpgan old, wooden gun rack. I always intended to cosmetically change it somehow, but never did. I ended up using it as it was, first as entryway storage and then in the bathroom as a display piece and towel holder. This time, I wanted it to become a tea and coffee station in the kitchen. Between hand-me-downs from my grandmother and my own thrift store treasures, I realized that I had a pretty assortment of tea/coffee cups hidden away in the cabinet.

After hitting up the hardware store for dowel rods and hooks, I went through my closet of leftover paints, looking at what was still usable. Thought about the colors of the cups and how I wanted them to be the focal point, not the rack itself. Pulled out the paint I used on the kitchen cabinets and went with that. It also happens to be the same color as the walls in the kitchen, but it’s satin while the walls are flat.
Primed, painted, and second-coated that bad boy. During the drying times, I painted the dowel rods and hooks a bronze color to match the existing hardware on the gun rack. The wall in the kitchen that I wanted it on also houses the breaker box and that needed to be hidden. I used to have a chalkboard over this spot, but never used it. So out with the old…in with the tea? No clue.

Anyway, I liked the way the rack itself kind of disappeared into the wall, and the extra space of the extended rods to hang towels if I want, but when I put the rods in the side holders, I figured out they weren’t level (duh). Makes total sense if you actually visualize a gun and how it would lie in there. I have never been around guns, other than the rifle in my dad’s closet that he shot snakes with, so I did not know this about the racks. I be smart though, so I just popped in some tiny nails on the lower side and boom. Level rods. Or at least close enough. Measure never, eyeball it always.

At this point, I wandered around the house looking at fabrics, serving trays, paintings, 20160515_181552.jpganything that I could fit behind the rods to hide the breaker box. First, I tried a vibrant kitchen towel that was a birthday gift. I loved the pop of colors, but my pretty cups were too matchy-matchy and didn’t stand out enough. Since the purpose was to show them off, this option didn’t make sense. I also tried to cram the robbin’s egg-blue enamel serving tray that goes with the cups back there, but it was just a bit too wide to fit.

Then I remembered the funky chicken pic my mom gave me a while back after I begged her for it and then tried to steal it from her. It was sort of hidden behind my stand mixer in the corner, under the upper cabinets, and deserved a more prominent spot. My kitchen being the room in the house with the chicken decor, I pulled that out of hiding and put it up. After adding the cups, saucers, jars of teabags and honey, as well as a stirring spoon, my gun rack turned tea station felt just right.

What do you guys think?




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